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Take a look at our customers frequently asked questions for placing new orders.

If you can't find the answers you are looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch directly, through our contact form, or by calling us on 0800 129 9210.

Will I receive a proof of my design?

Yes, after placing your order we will be in contact within 1-3 working days by email with a proof sheet. This will layout your design, showing the actual sizing, colours and positioning of the decoration on your chosen items. At this stage you can request any amendments if necessary in the design layout. You will need to approve this before we put your order into production. We then keep your proof sheet on file for future use.

What is the logo set up charge for?

This is a one off charge where if you are ordering from us for the first time, we will need to convert your logo to a suitable format that can be used by our embroidery and printing machinery. The set-up fee covers the cost of the time and expense in re-drawing the artwork, creation of proofs and any necessary stitch out testing of new logos, or print sampling.

Do you keep hold of my design for next time I order?

We keep all proof sheets, print-ready artwork and digitised embroidery designs on file for future use, so any fees involved for setting up your original embroidery or print will not be required again.

When placing future orders with the same embroidery or print design you can select your customisation as a 'repeat design', and this will ensure we use the same files we have for your print or embroidery.

I am ordering the same logo again but now want it in different colours and bigger. Do I still select 'repeat design' when adding my decoration to the basket?

Yes, if we have already got your embroidery or print design on file, selecting 'repeat design' will alert us to this. We can tweak existing logos, changing the size, colour, or changing text (i.e. the job title or a staff member's name, or a new phone number) for free. Simply add to the instructions box the new requirements for your logo. This will help speed up our designing process so we will be able to quickly send a new proof to confirm the amended colours and sizing changes etc.

I would like my design to be printed, but don't know the number of colours to select?

Print pricing is affected by the number of colours in the design. This is because for screen printing the design is separated into different screens used for each ink colour, and for vinyl printing the process is repeated with separate coloured rolls of vinyl. If you are unsure how many colours are in your print design, send us an image of your design and we will be happy to advise.

If you would like to reduce the number of colours in your design there are many ways in which we can achieve this. Our design team can change artwork to merge colours in multi-coloured designs to reduce the number of screens or vinyl rolls required. This can be done to the extent of converting a multi-colour design to a single colour. A great option to keep the costs down! Our designers can also utilise halftones with screen printing to create shading and mixing of colours. We also take into consideration the base colour of the garment itself to effectively remove a required colour from the printing process.

I already have my embroidery logo digitised can you use this?

Yes we would be happy to do so, providing you have the embroidery design in a .emb or .dst file format which is compatible with our machinery. If you have access to these file types please attached this in an email to us at

I don't know which printing method is best for me?

Our experienced design team will determine which method is best for printing your logo, and we will detail this in your proof sheet.  The best printing method will depend on the fabric of your chosen garment and the complexity of your logo. We will generally vinyl print smaller runs of orders of less than 30 items, and screen print those larger than 30 items.

If you have any further queries about your logo feel free to get in touch with us directly by filling in our contact form or by phone.

Can I add individual names underneath my logo?

For individual names, department names, or job titles we charge an additional £2.50 per application. This is because we run these singularly on our machinery, which therefore requires a longer time in production and set up.

If you are not sure about how to add your embroidery or printing applications to the basket we will be happy to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do you have size guides?

The sizes guides shown are provided directly from our suppliers. Please be aware that sizes across different brands may not be the same. For example a size Large polo in one brand may actually measure the same as another brand's polo that is labelled as an Extra Large. Measurements for all sizes are shown in cm or inches for every garment on each product page.

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for 'grams per square meter', used to measure the thickness of the garment material. The higher the GSM the thicker and therefore heavier the feel of the garment. Typically a lightweight t-shirt would be around 140gsm, whereas a heavy weight t-shirt would be 200gsm. For lightweight items such as a 140gsm t-shirt, we recommend to be printed instead of embroidered.

Do you offer charity discount?

Yes, if you are buying for a UK registered Charity, with a valid charity number you may be exempt from paying VAT. For those who meet the requirements set by HMRC we can remove the VAT from the invoice, if the items purchased are advertising the charity. If the order has already been paid for we can refund the VAT difference.

I am purchasing from inside the EU, how do I pay for the total without the VAT?

If you are an EU customer that is VAT registered please get in touch to confirm your VAT number, as we will be able to remove the VAT on your invoice, or refund the VAT difference if the order has already been paid for.