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Fruit Of The Loom

Fruit Of The Loom

The Fruit of the Loom brand is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of printable T-shirts and fleece for the activewear industry, casualwear and childrenswear. They own their own supply chain from factory to marketing and their scale enables them to make some of the best priced clothing available.

The collection includes basic clothing ready for adding your customisation. It is both well priced and one of the most reliably available brands on the market. You can be sure to have your chosen garment readily available at almost any time from year to year, in the same style cut and colours.

We provide a curated selection of Fruit of the Loom garments alongside our other brands, which offers a well known choice for your garments. 

The company's logo comprising a red apple, leaves, green grapes, purple grapes, and white currants (or yellow gooseberries) forms a widely recognizable trademark. Contrary to popular belief, the logo does not depict and has never depicted a cornucopia — this is often cited as an example of the Mandela Effect.

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